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Tanya Drewery as Magenta Diamond performs her Block Head act.

Side Show / Specialist Acts

A drum roll please! Watch curiously as a covered box is wheeled on stage... the cover is whisked off, revealing a smiling girl, folded neatly inside!

Crazy contortion or a nail to the nose: side show acts involve slightly freakish and exotic delights. Fuse Circus artists are passionate about creating performances that are totally out of the ordinary!

Historically side shows included human and animal oddities, dangerous and scary stunts and such fanciful things as the Flea Circus.

With the rise of New Circus, and a greater awareness of animal care and human rights, side shows are now created by circus performers who practice challenging routines and an emphasis on the art of side show stunts.

Variations on the form

  • Contortion acts require the performer to have extreme flexibility, and certainly no fear of tight spaces! Contortion acts often involve the performer being packed into an impossibly small space.
  • The Block Head act: a routine involving a performer inserting (clean) objects into their nose. This is a very funny act, but not for the faint hearted... it may make you a little squemish!

Staging Requirements

Side Show acts require a flat, firm floor area, and enough ceiling height to clear the moves your performers plan to make. A raised stage is ideal, so that the full effect can be seen by all.


Contact Tom Beauchamp to arrange a booking for a Side show act or for any inquiries. We specialise in coordinating acts and production requirements to deliver a fantastic event!

Above: Tanya Drewery as The Magenta Diamond performs her Block Head routine.


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  • Skye Broberg inside her glass box.

    Skye Broberg is happy enough packed inside her little glass box!

  • Magenta Diamond gently hammers a nail into her nose.

    Tanya Drewery in her block head act in Heavenly Burlesque - a nail to the nose my dear!

  • Skye Broberg slips a tiny hoop over her head and all the way around her body.

    Skye Broberg slips this tiny hoop all the way down her body in Gravity and Other Myths.

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