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Kim Potter as Vinyl Burns spins the plates.

Object Manipulation

D exterity, expert timing and a sense of humour are all part of the recipe for juggling, balancing and manipulating objects. Often a combination of daring balancing tricks and clowning about, these skills add a delightful twist to a show.

Object manipulation includes most prop-based circus skills: Juggling (including contact and toss juggling), hat manipulation, diablo,magic tricks, and many more.

Variations on the form

  • The most recognisable form of juggling is toss juggling where a single performer or two or more performers toss balls or clubs in patterns through the air to themselves and one another.
  • Hat manipulation is essentially juggling with hats... this can be a very quaint and humourous act.
  • Diablo is a spool which is whirled and tossed on a string tied to two sticks which are held in each hand. The diablo can be spun, thrown and caught on the string, in a wonderful variety of tricks.
  • Magic tricks are another form of object manipulation. The old adage the hand is quicker than the eye allows the magician to perform illusions before your very eyes.
  • Plate spinning is a form of manipulation where a person spins plates, bowls and other flat objects on thin poles without the plates falling over. It requires great timing and relies on the gyroscopic effect of the spin.


Contact Tom Beauchamp to arrange a booking for a juggling or manipulation act or for any inquiries. We specialise in coordinating acts and production requirements to deliver a fantastic event!

Above: Kim Potter as Vinyl Burns spins the plates in Heavenly Burlesque.


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  • Vinyl Burns in his comedy magic show.

    Vinyl Burns in his comedy magic show.

  • Vinyl Burns with his diablo as the opening MC for Gravity and Other Myths.

    Vinyl Burns with the diablo as the opening MC for Gravity and Other Myths in Wellington 2008.

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