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Fuse Circus performers at rehearsal in Wellington


W ith a stylish twist of the wrist, the whip snakes into the air and cracks with a sharp snap!

A little bit scary, a little bit wicked, whip routines combine multiple volleys, tricks and twists of the whip. Colourful cowboy or saucy whip cracking Magenta... it's a little bit of trouble just when you want it!

Variations on the form

  • The whip performer may use single or twin whips.
  • The most common type of whip used in circus performance is the stock whip, which is made from beautifully plaited leather and has a long handle to allow for an easy flick of the whip.

Staging Requirements

Whip routines require a clear area of aproximately three square meters to avoid tangling or catching the whip. A raised stage is ideal, so that the full effect can be seen by all.


Contact Tom Beauchamp to arrange a booking for a Whip act or for any inquiries. We specialise in coordinating acts and production requirements to deliver a fantastic event!

Above: A whip flicks out in a rehersal session in Wellington.


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