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Heavenly Burlesque

Heavenly Burlesque

The multi-award winning extravaganza of circus, dance, comedy which comes together in a night of fast, physical, bawdy and above all, sublimely entertaining cabaret.

Be tempted into a world of splendor and excess. From the moment you arrive you will be lured into a world of unexpected surprises, farce and more than a sprinkling of naughtiness.

As a circus cabaret “brand” Heavenly Burlesque has been re-worked, refined and toured successfully across New Zealand over the past two years. Each edition of Heavenly Burlesque brings you new performers as well as the firm favourites like The Magenta Diamond and Vinyl Burns to tickle your fancy!

Heavenly Burlesque plays at the intersection of circus, dance, theatre and projected imagery. As well as being physically demanding, this kind of hybrid performance places exceptional demands on performers and creators: challenging them to go beyond their original field of expertise.

Thematically the work centres around a contemporary re-investigation of Burlesque, allowing us to experiment and play with ideas of “body politics” – sex, gender, control and manipulation of bodies, courtship, media imagery, and social/ cultural norms. The show is encapsulated within a heavenly world where bodies flying through space are the norm, rather than the exception.

Heavenly Burlesque is in Repertory

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Above: The heavenly creatures – Wellington 2006.


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Reviews and Awards

  • Best of the Fringe Award – Dunedin Fringe 2008
  • Best Performer (Tanya Drewery) – Dunedin Fringe 2008
  • Best Theatre Award - Wellington Fringe 2006
  • Best of the Fringe – Wellington Fringe 2006

“There was not a second in which any audience member, especially one with an alarmingly short attention span like mine, could get bored…Needless to say, I enjoyed the show, a lot. It was fun, sexy and highly polished…It went off and I will certainly be going again, and again.” Jules Van Cruysen – Salient Magazine

“It’s Heavenly Burlesque time again, and if you've yet to experience this riotous collision of cabaret, circus, dance and debauchery, you'd better get down to the Paramount by 9pm tonight before they head off on tour.” Tom Beard – Texture

Show history

  • 2008 Heavenly Burlesque - The Untamed Oddities Tour
  • 2007 The Return of Heavenly Burlesque
  • 2006 Heavenly Burlesque

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