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Laura and Rowan on swinging trapeze in Civic Square Wellington


T alk about fun: trapeze is the big swing you always wanted! Static (still) or swinging, single or double: trapeze routines are always a crowd pleaser.

Dangerous, and a lot of fun, trapeze routines can be exhilarating to watch and embrace a huge variety of styles from utterly silly comedy acts to gorgeous burlesque strip tease!

The circus trapeze is a short horizontal bar, hung between two ropes to form a swing. Trapeze artists (or aerialists) can sit, hang, swing, twist and drop from this bar, whilst suspended many meters in the air.

Variations on the form

  • The aerialist may be made to fly through the air on the trapeze with the use of counterweight or rigging systems, striking poses and figures while being lowered and raised.
  • Single trapeze involves one performer - Doubles trapeze involves two aerialists, a base and a flier. The base can hold the flier by their arms, hands or feet and together the two performers can create a stunning series of moves and breathtaking drops.
  • Static trapeze is performed on a still trapeze - swinging involves setting the trapeze swinging vigorously, and the drops and holds are performed using the momentum of the swing to great advantage!

Staging requirements

Trapeze may be rigged on a single point, but in requires two load bearing points. There are different staging needs for static and swinging trapeze and we can advise you on what is possible for your venue. We can also supply our own free-standing truss system.

The working height can be anything from 4m or above.



Contact Tom Beauchamp to arrange a booking for a Trapeze act or for any inquiries. We specialise in coordinating acts and production requirements to deliver a fantastic event!

Above: Laura and Rowan flying into the sky on the swinging trapeze in Wellington's Civic Square


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  • Rowan is the base, Laura is the flier,in doubles trapeze for Gravity and Other Myths

    Rowan is the base and Laura is the flier in a doubles trapeze routine for Gravity and Other Myths

  • Rowan and Laura charm the crowd at a Corporate Event

    Rowan and Laura charm the crowd at the Flight Centre Circ Rock Awards

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