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The Gravity Cast in a


S trength, balance, poise. Visually stunning and as poetic as the name suggests, lithe acrobats form complex configurations that defy gravity and gender stereotypes!

Adagio is a particular set of partner acrobalance movements. Adagio involves transitions between various stationary balances involving a flier and a base.

The base is the stable contact with the ground and the flier balances in the air and on the base.

Adagio originated in Eastern Europe, and is the most common of the circus acrobalance arts – it is a sure crowd pleaser in circus performance!

Variations on the form

  • Both performers can move into a variety of different positions, with the base either lying on the ground, crouching, standing or kneeling.
  • The flier can then balance on the base's feet, hands, shoulders, knees, thighs, back or a variety of these.
  • The flier can in turn be balanced on a variety of their body parts and in a variety of positions and orientations.
  • The flier can be balanced horizontally or vertically or even upside down.

Staging Requirements

Adagio requires a flat, firm floor area, and enough ceiling height to clear the moves your performers plan to make. A raised stage is ideal, so that the full effect can be seen by all.


Contact Tom Beauchamp to arrange a booking for an adagio act or for any inquiries. We specialise in coordinating acts and production requirements to deliver a fantastic event!

Above: The What Goes Up cast in a "Two High" at Capital E in Wellington.

What Goes Up was a special version of Gravity and Other Myths created to fit in a smaller space for a young audience.


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