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[Pascal Akermann performs straps in Gravity and Other Myths]


I n an impressive show of strength and precision a trim, muscled figure suspended in flight sweeps through the air. A routine using straps involves rolls, twists and holds performed in the air and on the ground.

Straps are an aerial apparatus consisting of two narrow bands of close woven material, fastened to a rigging point. By wrapping the strap ends around the hands and wrists the performer can maneuver rolls, twists, drops and holds.

The moves in a straps routine are performed on the ground and in the air, the aerialist can wrap the straps around their body - essentially rolling up and down the length of the straps.

Aerialists who train to work on the straps must have a fine balance of weight and upper body strength. Straps leave an impression of an ability to fly.

Variations on the form

  • More than one performer can be involved, by using body balancing and tricks similar to that of double trapeze.
  • Straps can also be made into long loops, allowing the performer to sit in the loops like a sling.
  • These loops can be configured in sets of two or four loops to allow a wide variety of tricks.

Staging Requirements

Straps can be rigged on a single point, so need only a load bearing beam, RSJ, fly bar, crane, to a safety factor of 1:10. We can also supply our own free-standing truss system.

The working height can be anything from 4m or above.


Contact Tom Beauchamp to arrange a booking for a straps act or for any inquiries. We specialise in coordinating acts and production requirements to deliver a fantastic event!

Above: Pascal Ackermann performs in a straps routine in the Wellington season of Gravity and Other Myths.


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  • Tanya Drewery in the straps above Wellington harbour

    Tanya Drewery performs on the straps above Wellington harbour.

  • Pascal Akermann in the Dunedin season of Heavenly Burlesque 2008

    Pascal Ackermann turns heads in the Dunedin season of Heavenly Burlesque 2008

  • Tanya Drewery on the straps

    Tanya Drewery on straps - this sort of routine can appear graceful and relaxed but every move requires great focus and strength.

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