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[The Fuse boys in rehearsal perform the brigse manouver on corde lisse or spanish web ]

Spanish Web

W atch in amazement as a muscled figure grasps a heavy rope dangling meters from the ceiling, and proceeds to climb like a monkey, swiftly reaching a height that would have your head spinning.

Rapidly winding the rope about themselves, they throw themselves backwards in a spine tingling swan dive! They tumble, spin and pose gracefully in seemingly impossible positions – defying gravity and death in a dance of strength and danger!

The spanish web is a long, cloth covered rope with a loop attached near the top that a circus performer climbs and inserts either their foot or their wrist into the loop.

A spinner, or web sitter, on the ground spins the rope, and centrifugal force holds the performer mostly horizontal as they move their bodies in relation to the rope.

Variations on the form

  • Spanish web is often combined with Corde Lisse where the performer uses the rope without it being spun.
  • Performers dance up and down the web, wrapping different knots around themselves, allowing spectacular drops and various positions.
  • The combination of corde lisse and spinning allows the performer to create different levels and elevations of performance, and is a stunning and heart thumping routine!
  • Fire web is a unique development of spanish web performance where the "web" is replaced with a flaming chain. This is a routine demanding perfect timing and enormous skill from all performers involved.

Staging Requirements

Spanish web and corde lisse can be rigged on a single point, so needs only a load bearing beam, RSJ, fly bar, crane, to a safety factor of 1:10. We can also supply our own free-standing truss system.

The working height can be anything from 4m or above.


Contact Tom Beauchamp to arrange a booking for a Spanish Web act or for any inquiries. We specialise in coordinating acts and production requirements to deliver a fantastic event!

Above: The Gravity boys in rehearsal perform the bridge maneuver on the web.


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  • Two aerialists work together on one web to lift and roll each other on the web.

    Two aerialists perform on the same web, lifting and rolling each other in the web.

  • Tom Beauchamp uses the hand loop to spin on the Spanish Web

    Tom Beauchamp uses the hand loop in a spinning routine on the Spanish Web

  • Pascal Ackermann in a corde lisse performance for Cirque Rock 2008

    Pascal Ackermann in a corde lisse performance for Cirque Rock 2008

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